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Garden Store: 785-539-2217 

Landscaping:  785-539-2671

4539 Anderson Ave. Manhattan, KS 66503-9799

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Email: dstoddard@bluevillenursery.com


Phone: 785-539-2671


Address: Blueville Nursery Inc.

4539 Anderson Ave.

Manhattan, KS 66503-9799

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Keith Westervelt

President & CEO

Keith Westervelt’s family purchased Blueville Nursery in 1962. He has been CEO since 1998, and he is a 1985 graduate of K-State.

Dustin Stoddard

General Manager

Dustin Stoddard, a 2002 graduate of K-State, has been with Blueville since 1999. He began mowing lawns as a part-time employee and is now the General Manager

Nancy Moore

Garden Store Manager

Nancy Moore was the Nursery Manager for three years before becoming the Garden Store Manager in 2008. She is a 1988 graduate of KSU.

Pete Reid

Landscape Design & Sales Division

Pete Reid worked on the field crew before graduating from K-State in 2000. He moved to the Landscape division after graduation, where he is now in Landscape Sales

Dan Russell

Landscape Design & Sales Division

Dan Russell started laying sod and mowing for Blueville in 1979. He graduated from KSU in 1982 and managed the Maintenance Division for several years before moving into Landscape Sales.

Derrick Funk

Irrigation Division

Derrick Funk began working for Blueville in March 2003, eventually becoming the Irrigation Division Head. He is a 2003 KSU Graduate.

Tim Sharp

Fort Riley Division & Erosion Control

Tim Sharp began seeding lawns for Blueville Nursery in 1986. He now manages the Fort Riley Division, as well as Erosion Control.

Jade Barta

Maintenance Division

Jade Barta began working part-time for Blueville in 2001, and is now the Maintenance Division head. He graduated from KSU in 2002.

Karl Seele


Karl Seele began working in the Blueville office in 2006 and now oversees the office staff and mechanic shop. He graduated from KSU in 1994.

Craig Ruhl


Craig is a 2014 graduate of KSU with a degree in Human Resource Management and Business Management. He started at Blueville in 2014 and is responsible for Human Resources and Compliance.